Alexandra Tolstoy Toadstool Mushroom Placemat

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The Toadstool placemat is crafted from eucalyptus and cork with a protective melamine coating, digital print, black baize backing and a smooth matte finish.  From Alexandra Tolstoy and Bell Hutley's Russian Folklore collection.  This collection draws on Bell's love of nature and ‘dark beauty’, and Alexandra's love of her Russian heritage and adventures.  It is exclusive in the U.S. to The Museum of Russian Art Shop.

Measures 12" x 12". 

Traditional Russian textiles as catalogued by Susan Meller, and printed cloth, which mimics the work of Russian illustrator Ivan Bilibin, have played key roles in the collection’s inspiration. 

From a young age, Hutley has loved reading romantic, dark, gothic children’s books. It is this love and nostalgia for Brothers Grimms' stories, combined with Alexandra's passion for Slavic folklore, history and art that have laid the foundations of the collaboration.

Bell Hutley is a London-based artist and designer. Bell is known for her darkly romantic aesthetic, whimsical illustrations and arresting use of colour inspired by nature, children's literature and folklore. Since launching her namesake brand in 2018, Bell Hutley strives to tell stories through her bold and fierce designs. Her creations are like pieces of art - to keep and treasure for years to come.

Measures 12" x 12". 



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