Angel Gabriel Icon

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Beautiful, rare and colorful Russian Icon of the Angel Gabriel.

Measures 6 1/4" by 5".

The Holy Archangel Gabriel, who is also known as the “Christmas Angel,” is the angel of Announcement, acting as a messenger of God. 

In most Eastern Orthodox icons, the Archangel Gabriel is depicted wearing white or blue garments. He usually holds a spear in his right hand and sometimes a mirror in his left hand. This mirror is made of jasper and bears the letter X on it, which stands for Christ. In Orthodox icons, the Archangel Gabriel can also be depicted holding a shining lantern, a trumpet, a lily that represents the Theotokos, or a palm branch from Paradise, which signals the Virgin Mary’s victory over death.

Gabriel serves as a messenger chosen by God to announce salvation to humankind. He is an angel of clarity, purity, and joy, and this is exactly what is depicted in the Archangel Gabriel icon.

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