Folk Arts

Folk craft and handiwork has always come from both utilitarian and aesthetic depths of the Russian Soul. From ancient times to the dachas of today, every peasant and country cottage bears delicate traces of ornament. Traditionally, household utensils and craftsman's tools were ornately carved, inspiring the intricate designs of Finift and Fabergé. "[Russian] art was fathered", Maxim Gorky wrote in the early Soviet period, "by the potters, the blacksmiths and goldsmiths, the weavers, masons, and carpenters, the carvers in wood and ivory, the house painters and the dress makers." The legacy of decorative excellence has never been forsworn, even by the Soviet craftsperson, no matter how utilitarian the purpose of the article made. Form has always prompted ornamentation in Russian culture, and folk art continued to blossom across the many cultures and communities of Soviet Union in the 20th century. Russia's glorious history of the folk arts continues today!