Folk Art Painting and Woodcarving

Khokhloma is the name of a Russian wood painting handicraft style and national ornament, known for its curved and vivid patterns of mostly flowers, berries, and leaves. Often The Firebird, a figure from Russian fairy tales, is also depicted.

A combination of red, black, and gold, are characteristic of Khokhloma design. When painted on wood, the colors red, black, green, and yellow (and sometimes orange), are used over a gold background. This has the effect of making wooden tableware or furniture look heavier and metallic. Alternatively, when painted on metal, the colors red, gold, and green, are used, over a black background. Traditionally, the most common objects bearing the khokhloma pattern are wooden spoons and wooden kitchenware containers. The pattern has also been depicted through textiles, especially scarves and shawls.