Fabergé & Imperial Jewelry

The House of Fabergé is a jewelry firm founded in 1842 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, by Gustav Faber. Faber was a German immigrant to Russia; he chose the French-accented name “Fabergé” to brand his jewelry business because of the popularity of French and European culture among Russian nobility at that time. The House of Fabergé was most famous for becoming official jewelers to the Tsars, designing elaborate jewel-encrusted Easter eggs for Nicholas II and his family. As seen in the TMORA exhibition Unknown Fabergé (2016), they were also known for a range of other works of high quality and intricate detail. Today, The Fabergé Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia, is a privately owned museum which was established by Viktor Vekselberg and his Link of Times foundation, in order to repatriate lost cultural valuables to Russia.