Mezen Folk Art Box "Spring Spirit"

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Stunning pine box decorated in the ancient Slavic Mezen style.

Measures 14" long x 8 1/2 wide x 7 1/4 high

The Mezen painting (Ме́зенская ро́спись) is one of the most ancient Russian art crafts. Using this technique, Russian folk artists decorated most of the household items that accompanied a person from birth through its entire life, where it brought joy and beauty. It also occupied a large space in the design of facades and of hut interiors.

Every single detail of the ornament on Mezen paintings is deeply symbolic. Each square and diamond, leaf and twig, beast and bird are located at the exact place where they should be to tell us the story of the forest, the wind, the earth and the sky, as well as the artist’s thoughts and ancient images of the northern Slavs.

The origins of the symbols in Mezen paintings primarily lie in the mythological worldview of the peoples from the ancient North. For example, the frequent multiple layers follow the shamanic traditions: the three layers represent three worlds (lower, middle and upper). In Mezen paintings, the lower and middle layers are filled with deers and horses, and the upper layer with birds.

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