Taiga Herbal Tea

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This tea box contains a dynamic herbal tea blend that characterizes the natural wild of Russia's Siberian Taiga and Altai regions.

Box contains two 40-gram packets of loose tea.

For centuries, Siberians have utilized a vast variety of herbs for medicinal and healing purposes. The unique taste of "taiga tea" has made it a favorite drink of Altai hunters and fishermen.

The taste of taiga tea is slightly knitting and spicy. The aroma reflects a bouquet of different taiga herbs: leaf of bergenia, gold root, fireweed, red root, leaves of wild strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, currant, willow-herb, meadowsweet, primrose, Kuril tea, St. John's Wort, thyme mountain, sea buckthorn, and bird cherry.

The color is a beautiful henna-red. This collection of herbs possesses strengthening, anti-inflammatory, and anti-sclerous properties, while also restoring a natural balance to the body. It helps ease excessive exhaustion, inflammation, cold and fever.

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