Beyond the North Wind: Russia in Recipes and Lore [A Cookbook]

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Award-winning cookbook author and renowned food scholar Darra Goldstein presents a hundred traditional, yet surprisingly modern, recipes from the far northern corners of Russia, featuring ingredients and dishes that young Russians are themselves rediscovering as part of their heritage.

“A necessary resource for food writers and for eaters, a fascinating read and good excuse to make fermented oatmeal.”—Bon Appétit

Russian cookbooks tend to focus on the food that was imported from France in the nineteenth century, or the impoverished food of the Soviet era. Beyond the North Wind explores the true heart of Russian food, a cuisine that celebrates whole grains, preserved and fermented foods, and straightforward but robust flavors.

Recipes for a dazzling array of pickles and preserves, infused vodkas, homemade dairy products -- such as farmers cheese and cultured butter -- puff pastry hand pies stuffed with mushrooms and fish, and seasonal vegetable soups, showcase Russian foods that are organic and honest. Many of the recipes make old dishes feel new again! Despite the country's harsh climate, this surprisingly sophisticated cuisine has an incredible depth of flavor to offer, through dishes like braised cod with horseradish, roast lamb with kasha, black currant cheesecake, and so many more.

This home-style cookbook, with a strong sense of place and evocative storytelling, brings to life a rarely seen portrait of Russia, its people, and its palate -- with 100 recipes, gorgeous photography, and essays on the little-known culinary history of this fascinating and wild part of the world.

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